Been a patient of Steve’s for quiet some time. Started with a back injury which he worked wonders with.

During my last adjustment we got to talking about the arthritis I have in my knee’s. He mentioned prolotherapy to me and I left and did some thinking and a little research and decided to give it a try.

Best decision I’ve made in years. My knee no longer get’s stiff at night and being a avid cyclist I ride pretty much without any discomfort what so ever. I even started to run again.

He is extremely knowledgeable about this procedure and also its painless to receive and caused me no discomfort or stiffness after either my treatments.( I’ve had two rounds of injections)

I would recommend this procedure to anyone with joint pain or arthritis.


Gilbert Chavez


I highly recommend Dr. Perlstein.  I have received treatments from him for about two years.  He is professional, thorough, and caring.  Importantly, he has dramatically helped the problem for which I originally scheduled a visit.  I obtained his name from another satisfied client.


John Young


We have been seeing Dr. Perlstein for approximately 10 years. We started out when one of our sons had a sports injury in high school. Because of the benefits we saw for our younger son, we thought visits to Dr. Perlstein would also help our older son who was a violinist (standing and/or sitting in one position for a long time) and also for my husband and I who were running long distances. My husband and I continue to see Dr. Perlstein on a regular basis. Our sons have moved out of state, but have found their own, local chiropractor.


The Frank Family


Best service in town, the thought and consideration Dr Perlstein puts into each and every visit results in a proper adjustment and information the patient may not have thought of. The patient is better able to handle home care as a result. Thank you Dr Perlstein for your consistent good care and judgment.


Char Valdez


I have been a patient of Dr. Perlstein for many years. He has treated me for lower back, shoulder and neck pain. I now go to him about once a month for occasional aches and pains and it is wonderful. I don’t have all the pain I once had. I thank him for giving me a pain free life, so that I can continue to exercise, walk, and enjoy my retirement.

Thank you, Dr. Perlstein

Florence Romero


After months of physical therapy I came to Dr Perlstein for an assessment.  He recommended Prolotherapy injections, and we proceeded with treatment.  Within the first four sessions, there was a noticeable improvement in my condition, and after ten treatments, full range of motion was regained with no residual pain.  Whatever it is, it works and it beats pumping cortisone into your system.

Jim C.


After a horse fell with me, my back and hips were injured (the horse won) and I had been in a great deal of pain for several months.  I started seeing Dr. Stephen Perlstein on February 26, 1986.  It took a while, but with regular adjustments and (some) exercise, Steve got me walking in a straight line and relatively pain free.  I have continued to see him regularly for adjustments, and for all of the many times I’ve done something stupid that caused back, hip, arm, and shoulder problems, headaches, etc.

I have a hard time relaxing and getting loose enough to get a good adjustment and, as I age, it doesn’t get any easier.  Monika Perlstein, a licensed massage therapist, works in the office with her husband, and has made my adjustments much easier.  After a wonderful, relaxing hour with her, I know that Steve is going to be able to get me adjusted.

Dr. Perlstein was not the first chiropractor I had gone to.  My first back and neck injuries happened in college.  After 26 years of working with Dr. Perlstein, I can honestly say he is one of the best in his field and Monika in hers.  If I did not have him in my world, my life would not be as comfortable as it is.  I strongly recommend him to anyone and know that his ability to adjust and care for sports injuries and any other kind of hurts is superlative.  From little children to us senior citizens, Steve makes life better.  Both Monika and Dr. Perlstein honestly care deeply for their patient’s whole-body well being and will do whatever it takes to “fix” the problems.  They have always been there for me, even coming in on days off or taking me at the last minute.


Joyce S. Pankey


“Biopuncture has worked for me when nothing else has.  It has saved me thousands of dollars, wasted doctors visits, unnecessary tests and most of all PAIN!  I tried it several years ago in New York for severe pain in my arm from too much “mousing”.  I avoided costly surgery with three treatments and the pain has never returned.  I was thrilled to discover that Dr. Perlstein offered Biopuncture.  When I had exruciating pain in my hip, I was told by one doctor I had arthritis and was given pain killers, and by another I would need steroids and surgery.  Frustrated, I turned to Dr. Perlstein who quickly diagnosed the problem and after just two Biopuncture treatments the pain disappeared and I have had no re-occurence.  I have since recommended Biopuncture to several friends who have also had success.  I highly recommend letting your body try to heal itself with Biopuncture.”

Victoria Lang – Santa Fe, NM