School is back in session and with it, packed lunches, colorful notebooks, and heavy backpacks! A backpack that is too heavy can be damaging to the person who carries it, so it is important that your children know how to protect themselves. At Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, our goal is to help your whole family be safe, happy, and healthy. That is why our Santa Fe Chiropractor has come up with list of backpack safety tips:

  • Use both straps- Although many kids may think that it looks cool to wear a backpack with just one strap, you should know that this can cause injury. The weight will be distributed more evenly if your child wears both straps. If a chest strap is available, they should also use that.
  • Pack smartly- It is not always possible to avoid carrying heavy textbooks and other bulky items, but you can carry them in a smarter way! Pack heavier books and objects in the bottom of your bag, so that you are carrying them with the center of your body and their weight is evenly distributed between your shoulders.
  • Only carry what is necessary- Your child should only carry the books and the supplies that they need. This will help them to avoid putting any unnecessary weight and strain on their back.
  • Keep the straps tight- A loose backpack that hangs low only stands to cause uneven weight distribution and stress to the child that is carrying it. That is why it is a much better option to keep the straps tight and the backpack snug to your body at all times.