A close up photo of a woman hugging herself and grasping the muscles of her back. Photo by Romina Farías on Unsplash.

There is no shortage of reasons to consider visiting a chiropractor, as their services can help with a whole range of health concerns and mobility issues. When you decide to see a local chiropractor, the advantages increase even more. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how choosing a local chiropractor creates a greater sense of trust between clients and practitioners, as well as the many functional and preventative benefits that chiropractic centers provide. 

Get to Know Your Chiropractor

In any area of medical expertise, it’s important for the service provider to establish a sense of trust and transparency with each and every client. At Family Chiropractic Center of Sante Fe, our doctors and care providers take the time to build a relationship with our clients. Our intake process is thorough and we aim to understand your health history on a holistic level so that we can best serve you and your individual needs. 

When we receive a new patient in our local chiropractic care center, we provide them with all of the educational and explanatory information they may need to understand our services and the associated benefits. For instance, a patient seeking treatment for whiplash would find answers to all their questions in a patient education brochure on our proven medical methodology.

In addition to giving patients helpful literature and getting to know them, we remain actively engaged in the local Santa Fe community. Dr. Stephen Perlstein, the most respected and experienced chiropractor in the center, has served on numerous professional boards for the promotion of chiropractic care, as well as helped to successfully pass state legislation for advancements in medical care. 

When you work with a local chiropractor, you’re also working with your local community.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

To understand how chiropractic care can enhance your health and quality of life, it’s necessary to define the field of expertise in the first place.

The word “chiropractic” is derived from the Greek for “to be done by hand.” Simply put, chiropractic care involves the optimization of spinal health and physical wellbeing. Chiropractic is based on the idea that the nervous system influences every other system in the body, and defects or conditions of the spine can negatively impact one’s overall health. For that reason, preventive or corrective measures must be taken through the implementation of chiropractic care to ensure peace of mind and body for years to come. 

Your chiropractor will assess your current state of spinal and CNS health, then recommend a course of chiropractic treatment accordingly. Your mobility, functionality, physical comfort, posture, and more will all be helped immensely by this natural hands-on treatment. Below, we will discuss specific applications and benefits of seeing a local chiropractor. 

Preventive Care

If you have a family history of joint conditions, osteoarthritis, or age-related loss of strength and functionality, it’s important to take advantage of the preventive care benefits of chiropractic. In the event of an unexpected accident or injury, it can also function as a noninvasive alternative to surgery.

Whether it’s a matter of treating the neck, shoulders, or spine, your local chiropractor can help you avoid unnecessary drugs or surgery with natural and effective chiropractic techniques. 

Greater Range of Motion

Trauma, injury, genetic predispositions, or a combination of all of these can greatly reduce one’s mobility and range of motion. In the shoulders, for instance, a rotator cuff tear can decrease range of motion and make it difficult to perform even basic everyday tasks like reaching shelves and lifting objects. 

With care from your local chiropractor, you’ll be able to improve your range of motion in any areas currently affected by unwanted limitations. Through the use of specialized techniques, intentional body movements, and application of pressure, your chiropractor will increase muscle strength and flexibility in an all-natural and drug-free environment.

Heightened Athletic Ability

Anyone who plays sports or enjoys active recreation will be pleased to know that chiropractic care can improve athletic performance. From improving energy to promoting better sleep, you’ll see a profound improvement in your athleticism after visiting your local chiropractor. Oh, and did we mention that it also reduces pain and speeds up recovery time?

Strengthened Immune System

When the nervous system is out of alignment and under duress, it responds by weakening or shutting down non-vital body processes, including the immune system. With the rise and spread of Covid-19 coronavirus taking the world by storm, it’s more important than ever to practice good health and wellness habits.

If you’re concerned about your ability to withstand potential illness or viruses, make an appointment with your local chiropractor. Just a single adjustment could make an enormous difference in your stress levels, natural immunities, and overall quality of life.

For more information on the science and significance of chiropractic care, please visit Family Chiropractic Center of Sante Fe online today.