Chiropractor giving a patient a massage.

Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe offers various massages for different parts of your body or healing procedures. Massage is the action of kneading and rubbing the body by the use of hands. Our local massage therapist applies strong or gentle pressure to your joints and muscles in the massage course to ease tension and pain.

The following are some of the types of massages available in Santa Fe:

Swedish Massage

This type of massage is a tender type whole-body massage that is perfect for you if:

  • It is your first massage
  • You are experiencing lots of tension
  • You are sensitive to touch

The massage can help in releasing muscle knots. It is also an excellent choice if your desire is complete relaxation during the massage.
For this massage, you have to undress or wear your underwear only. A sheet will cover your body while you lay on the massage table. Particular regions of your body where the massage therapist is actively working on are then selectively uncovered.

Swedish massages usually take between 60 to 90 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage

This form of massage is ideal for you if you experience muscle tension and pain or wish to relax. Hot Stone massage is comparable to Swedish massage. The only difference is that the therapist here utilizes heated stones in place of their hands. Both hands and heated stones may also be used.
The massage relieves pain and boosts blood flow by using heated stones. It aids in:

  • Easing muscle tension
  • Boosting blood flow
  • Pain alleviation
  • Enhancing relaxation
  • Relieving stress

During the massage, your therapist places heated stones on various regions around your entire body. The therapist may also use cold stones.

The massage takes 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage

This type of massage is ideal for individuals whose desire is to have emotional healing. It helps in:

  • Boosting your mood
  • Reduction of anxiety and stress
  • Lessening depression symptoms
  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Pain alleviation

Aromatherapy massages bring together soft, tender pressure using essential oils. The massage therapist usually chooses the essential oils used. However, you can inform them of your preference. The essential oils are diluted before application to your skin.

You are provided with a whole-body massage as you inhale essential oils via a diffuser. The oils also get absorbed through the skin. At times, aromatherapy massage focuses on the back, head, and shoulders only.

Aromatherapy massage takes between 60 to 90 minutes.


Reflexology is ideal for you if your desire is relaxation and restoration of your natural energy level. It is also an excellent choice for those who are uncomfortable with being touched all over their body. Tender to firm pressure is used in reflexology on various pressure points of your hands, ears, and feet.
You can put on loose and comfortable clothing allowing access to the legs. The massage takes 30 to 60 minutes.


Massages can help you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. Try various types of massages with our therapists to figure out the one that works best for you. Get in touch with our doctor or local chiropractor before arranging for any massage type if you have any health conditions or concerns. If you are looking for a chiropractor in your area, contact the Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe.