1. Resolve to visit your chiropractor in Santa Fe

    Party hats are fun, but a healthful outlook should ring in 2013. For this year, resolve to have just that. The resolution to be healthy is easier than you might think. All you need to do is treat your body well by eating right and being active. You can do this no matter your age. Your chiropractor i…Read More

  2. Santa Fe chiropractors ending the year right

    Did we all survive the apocalypse and this year's holiday season? I guess it's time to gear it up for the New Year. Those shiny 2013 party hats and noise makers are at the ready for the countdown. Start your New Year off with Santa Fe chiropractors. But, you don't have to wait to start with the reso…Read More

  3. Santa Clause gives Santa Fe chiropractic for gifts

    Christmas Eve! Santa Clause and his reindeer are on their way. Maybe he'll drop off a certificate for Santa Fe chiropractic. He came in to see us just a few weeks ago to pick some up. We won't tell you for who though because that would ruin the surprise. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy all the holi…Read More

  4. Will your Santa Fe chiropractor survive the apocalypse

    Today is a very big day for mother earth. The end of the world is here. That means you better get your appointment with your Santa Fe chiropractor while you still can. Although there will be no more society tomorrow we will still be here. Living with zombies makes chiropractic care necessary. It is …Read More

  5. A trusted chiropractor 87505 area

    Find a chiropractor you are comfortable with right here. Our chiropractor 87505 is respectful and will make you feel comfortable. All your questions about chiropractic care and our procedures will be answered when you visit us. On your first visit our doctor will get to know you so he can cater trea…Read More

  6. "Dem dancing bones" of a chiropractor in Santa Fe

    After all dat dancing, dem dancing bones start to ache. The hip bone's connected to the back bone in the song but that's not true. Really the song should start with, "the hip bone's connected to the vertebra. The vertebra's connected to another vertebra. The vertebra . . ." The song would go on fore…Read More

  7. A visit to Santa Fe chiropractors is the perfect holiday gift

    Stress comes in many forms, manifesting itself as pain for some people. The holiday season can add even more stress and therefore even more pain. A visit to Santa Fe chiropractors can help it all go away. There is no better gift than stress relief. The person who receives your gift will be able to s…Read More

  8. Santa Fe chiropractic is more complicated than Lego blocks

    You can find many similarities comparing the body to a stack of Legos. If your back is caddywhompus like a tower of Lego blocks you feel like falling over. Ok, you might not literally fall over like the Legos but a misaligned spine will cause you to feel off-balance. A chiropractor can restack your …Read More

  9. The tomato, a favorite fruit for a chiropractor 87505

    Although they're not sweet like strawberries, tomatoes are technically a fruit. There are many different varieties other than what you get at the grocery store like the green zebra tomato. You'll know what they are based on their color and their zebra-like stripes. Tomatoes' tangy citrus flavor go w…Read More