1. Prevention with your chiropractor in Santa Fe

    Chiropractic isn't just a treatment for preexisting conditions. Chiropractic can be used to prevent pains and ailments from happening. Having a spine that is aligned can prevent headaches and back pain but there are more subtle things chiropractic can prevent. People suffering from chronic earaches …Read More

  2. Full list of what Santa Fe chiropractors heal

    What all can chiropractic treat? There are a number of different ailments that might surprise you. Things like PMS, asthma, carpel tunnel and even bedwetting. If you look at the full list you'll only see the common ailments that are treated. If you have a chronic pain, ailment or injury and nothing …Read More

  3. Santa Fe Chiropractic helps with pregnancy

    Pregnancy can cause exceptionally bad back pain. The pain is due to the increased weight carried in the front; it can change the posture and cause particular strain. The increased production of hormones also adds to the increased pain. It can soften ligaments and cause bones to misalign. Santa Fe ch…Read More

  4. Your Santa Fe chiropractor explains scoliosis

    Scoliosis is a condition where there is an unusual curvature to the spine. Typical western medicine attempts to cure this by using a back brace or even invasive surgery. However, the muscles in your back can be trained to hold the spine differently with more holistic methods. That way, you can be fr…Read More

  5. Eating right, chiropractor 87505

    Chiropractic is a good step towards overall health but eating right is faster. A balanced diet is the key because a meat and potato heavy diet leaves much to be desired in the nutrition department. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your chiropractor 87505 knows the importance of eati…Read More

  6. Find relief from pinched nerves from your chiropractor in Santa Fe

    Pinched nerves are caused by one of two factors. A compressed lesion is one of the reasons; this is where the nerve is actually pinched. More common is a facilitative lesion where the nerve root is stretched, twisted or chafed. The pain from a pinched nerve radiates through other parts of the body. …Read More

  7. Santa Fe Chiropractors give evaluations

    Receiving care at a chiropractic clinic takes more than a walk-in appointment. When you first come in, you receive an evaluation from your chiropractor. Different pains and injuries need different chiropractic techniques and it is important that we find the right one. That is why, when you come to s…Read More

  8. Injection Therapy? What's That?

    Injection Therapy is a recently applied approach to pain relief. Only specially trained doctors are certified to use this treatment. At Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, Dr. Stephen Perlstein, your favorite Santa Fe Chiropractor, is one of those doctors. Injection Therapy is safe, effective, a…Read More