1. Santa Fe chiropractor curing more than back and neck pain

    Chiropractic is commonly known to treat pain in the back and neck. Some of the other things chiropractic can help with is allergies and osteoarthritis. Significant advances have been made in the field of chiropractic. We understand the body better, how all the parts interact with each other, how piv…Read More

  2. Fibromyalgia help with chiropractor 87505

    The causes for fibromyalgia are unknown. Doctors have theorized many different causes such as physical or emotional trauma, sleep disturbances, possible infections or the part in the brain that is responsible for pain might react differently in fibromyalgia patients. Whatever the causes, fibromyalgi…Read More

  3. Chiropractor in Santa Fe eliminates the need for drugs

    It is typical in Western medical practices to treat a pain or ailment with drugs. This is just treating symptoms and does not heal the body. If you are plagued by chronic headaches, an aspirin or ibuprofen will help you get going with your day, but wouldn't it be nice to eliminate the need to take t…Read More

  4. Certified Santa Fe chiropractors

    Chiropractors are medical professionals that have to go through rigorous study, as well as get a license to practice chiropractic. In addition to undergraduate studies, Santa Fe chiropractors have to go through several years of training in their field. This includes education at an accredited univer…Read More

  5. A Santa Fe chiropractor and eating right

    Constant visits to your chiropractor for adjustments are not always necessary. Healthy habits like eating right and having an exercise regimen can keep your body healthy. Your diet should be catered to your needs, based on your activity, and your exercise should strengthen your body without pushing …Read More

  6. Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe

    At Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, we want to help you get back to living a life without pain. Our main goal is to help everyone who seeks our help feel well again. Dr. Stephen Perlstein is a highly motivated, highly trained physician who has the skills and knowledge to effectively treat…Read More