Biopuncture has worked for me when nothing else has. It has saved me thousands of dollars, wasted doctors visits, unnecessary tests and most of all PAIN! I tried it several years ago in New York for severe pain in my arm from too much “mousing”. I avoided costly surgery with three treatments and the pain has never returned. I was thrilled to discover that Dr. Perlstein offered Biopuncture. When I had exruciating pain in my hip, I was told by one doctor I had arthritis and was given pain killers, and by another I would need steroids and surgery. Frustrated, I turned to Dr. Perlstein who quickly diagnosed the problem and after just two Biopuncture treatments the pain disappeared and I have had no re-occurence. I have since recommended Biopuncture to several friends who have also had success. I highly recommend letting your body try to heal itself with Biopuncture.

Victoria Lang – Santa Fe, NM