As a Santa Fe chiropractic office, we believe in natural treatments for a variety of ailments. Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain, headaches or even allergies, you don’t necessarily have to rely on traditional medication to find the pain relief that you need. Many modern medications and treatments come with the possibility for dangerous side effects, which has caused lots of people to look for safer alternatives. If this describes you, then you are in the right place. We are Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, and we are proud to say that our talented chiropractor offers a variety of treatment options, including Biopuncture.

Biopuncture was developed in Belgium, and it has been around for years. With Biopuncture, homeopathic medicines are injected into specific locations in your body, generally under your skin or into your muscles. Some of the natural products injected include echinacea, chamomile, ¬†arnica and Traumeel. In most cases, these kinds of natural healing products are combined with local anesthetic. With a Biopuncture injection, all of the products that your doctor chooses for you are diluted, which dramatically reduces your chance of suffering from any toxic side effects. Keep in mind that just because the supplements are diluted, doesn’t mean that they aren’t effective. Many people, over the last twenty years or so, have found relief with Biopuncture.

Biopuncture is just one of the many natural alternatives that our chiropractor in Santa Fe can provide you with. Want to learn more about Biopuncture and all of our other natural treatments? If so, please visit us online today!