Many people know how important good posture is, but it’s not always easy to sit up straight.

Do you find yourself constantly slouching? If so, you’re not alone. As we discussed in a previous blog, good posture is incredibly important, but at our chiropractic center in Santa Fe, we also know that sitting up straight can be difficult. Luckily, our chiropractor is here to help! Here are a few helpful tricks to improve your posture:

#1. Scoot back in your chair.

When many people try to sit up straight, they make the mistake of perching on the edge of their chair. In this position, you are primarily relying on your abdominal muscles to support your spine, and once your muscles get tired, you’ll find yourself slouching again. Instead, scoot back and use the chair for the support you need.

#2. Take breaks to get moving.

Even if you have the best posture in the world and the very best chair, it’s not easy to maintain great posture all day without a break. Take frequent breaks throughout the day to stand up and walk around.

#3. Put your feet on the ground.

In order to maintain good posture, your feet need to be flat on the floor, not crossed. If this is uncomfortable for you, get a thick book or a monitor stand to rest your feet on while you are sitting.

In addition to all of these tricks, it’s also a good idea to turn to our chiropractor in Santa Fe for help with your own specific posture issues. Contact us today to learn more.