Prevention is the name of the game. 

When it comes to back pain, just like anything else, prevention is key for long-term relief. Chiropractic care in Santa Fe can help you find natural pain relief from your back pain, but it is still incredibly important to determine what is causing your back pain to begin with. That’s why our chiropractor has come up with this list of the most common causes of back pain:

#1. Too Much Screen Time

A study conducted by Temple University found that too much time spent craning our necks to look at our mobile phones and tablets is leading to an increase in neck, back and shoulder pain. Take frequent breaks from your phone or tablet and practice regular neck exercises to prevent pain.

#2. Weak Core Muscles

Your core muscles not only help you look great in a swimsuit, they also help support your spine. That’s why, when you have back pain, too much rest can actually make the problem worse. The last thing that you want to do when you’re in pain is exercise, but exercise is necessary for building up those core muscles.

#3. Failing to Pay Attention to Your Movements

Most people don’t give their backs a second thought unless they are lifting something heavy, but even simple things, such as taking out the trash or picking up the laundry, can affect your back. When bending or lifting, practice mindfulness and engage your core. This will give your spine the support it needs.

These are just a few of the many reasons why people get back pain, but luckily, you’ll find the relief that you need with our Santa Fe chiropractor. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.