Apple Cider Vinegar used externally or internally is a powerhouse for cosmetic use as well as enhancing the health of the body. Used on its own, it has been shown to help fade acne and produce a more healthy and vibrant looking skin. It has the ability to:
• Restore lifeless looking skin to radiance and vitality
• Improve blood circulation to the capillaries thus enhancing oxygen that feed the cells and skin
• Tone the skin thus a great anti aging method for maintaining elasticity
• Cleanse impurities
• Assist in healing acne infection as it is anti-fungal and antiseptic
When taken internally, Apple Cider Vinegar can help remove toxins and alkaline the body.

Where else in the skin care industry do you find a skin care product that can ensure these qualities? And be so cost effective at the same time!
Ensure the Apple Cider Vinegar you purchase is organic, raw and has the ‘mother’ intact which is the web like substance found floating in the bottom of the bottle. Most Apple Cider Vinegars sold in the supermarket are not the real deal.
Apple Cider Vinegar can be diluted to suit. My daughter however used full strength when treating her acne and stated it made her skin feel wonderful. Some people have experienced very quick results during their acne treatment using this method.

Note: Ensure you do not get it in your eyes. It can sting!