Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe has a particular approach to the process of health and healing that we would like you to understand should you wish to become a patient.  Dr. Perlstein is a hands-on chiropractor who feels strongly that healing is a function of communication, and, therefore, feels that there must be open and honest communication in the doctor – patient relationship in order to provide the proper and effective foundation for the healing process.  Because of this, what you can expect from Dr. Perlstein, as well as from all staff members, is that you will be treated openly, honestly, and as family.  We know how important it is for all patients to feel not only safe, but nurtured in the healing process.  You can count on us to care about you and your health issues and openly communicate what we know to you, as well as encourage you to share what is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.  You can count on us to be responsible as health professionals, and we anticipate that we can count on you to be a responsible patient, such as keeping appointments, and communicating in the best way possible when you can’t.  You can count on us to provide insurance companies with everything they require to process your claim.  We will work with your attorney, when appropriate, and provide them, in a timely and expedient manner,  what they need to settle your case.

Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, and Dr. Perlstein and staff, are committed to providing excellent, highly effective care in a safe and nurturing environment.  Dr. Perlstein is a highly dedicated, highly skilled physician who is passionate about getting sick people well again.  When you are our patient, your wellbeing is our paramount concern.