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  1. Five Healthy Behaviors Lower Dementia Risk

    A 35-year study from the UK cites five lifestyle behaviors that have been shown to reduce the risk of cognitive decline, and researchers say these healthy habits are more beneficial than medical treatments or preventative procedures. The study, published in the journal PLOS One, was led by Prof. Pet…Read More

  2. More Helpful Fatty Acids Found in Organic Milk

    Whole milk from organic dairies contains far more of some of the fatty acids that contribute to a healthy heart than conventional milk, scientists are reporting. A study shows that drinking whole organic milk is more likely to lessen the risk factor for heart disease than conventi…Read More

  3. Is Juicing Healthy For You?

    Juicing is very quickly becoming one of the hottest topics we address in my clinic of integrative medicine. Because most of my patients are self-motivated in becoming healthier, they are quick to jump on the band wagon of some of the latest health trends. <img src="http://content-dimestor…Read More

  4. Important Tips to Soothe and Relieve Dry Skin During Cold Months

    (NaturalNews) Cold weather, low humidity levels and wind are factors that can  really dry out and damage your skin, especially when central heaters are used at  home. How can one alleviate dryness and help skin stay moist and healthy through  the coldest months of the year? Moisturize more! Find …Read More