Massage therapy is the practice of the movement of muscles in the body by a licensed massage therapist to promote blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and healing of soft tissue injury.  In New Mexico, massage therapists must be licensed by the New Mexico Board of Massage Therapy (we only employ licensed massage therapists), and have to go through extensive training by accredited schools prior to that.  Massage therapy is taken quite seriously at Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, because we know that chiropractic and massage therapy work very well together, and that the combination treatment produces extraordinary results.  We have only the finest, experienced massage therapists at this office, each trained in medical massage, which is the special training necessary to work with patients with specific medical issues.  Prior to becoming a licensed chiropractic physician, Dr. Perlstein was a massage therapist licensed in Florida, one of the first states to license massage therapists.  Please refer to the staff page to learn about our massage therapists.

What Makes Holistic Treatment The Best Option?

Many salons and PT studios across the nation offer massage as a part of their wellness programs because it is well understood that a variety of factors influence health and function. At Family Chiropractic Center of Santa Fe, we believe that to really make a difference, we have to treat the total person. Before we implement a treatment plan, we get to know you and evaluate your lifestyle from all angles to promote a better outcome and include you in your treatment plan. Some of the benefits of this approach include: 

  • Patient-centered care that empowers you to take control of your health and wellness.
  • All-natural treatment methods including adjustment and massage to prevent and correct a wide variety of ailments reduce the reliance on pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention.
  • Helps correct underlying aggravating factors including stress management, disturbed sleep, and unbalanced eating and voiding patterns.
  • Less expensive than medical options that only treat the symptoms.

Similar to healthy eating patterns, mental and spiritual wellness, and regular physical activity, holistic care plans that include massage are not just for when you are in pain but can help prevent issues and benefit your overall wellness. To discover the holistic difference and the healing benefits of massage therapy, schedule your appointment today!