In 2008 and refined in 2009, New Mexico became the first state to legislate into law the requirements to allow specially trained chiropractors to use injection technologies and treatments for pain management.  Dr. Perlstein was instrumental in the passage of these laws, spending hours writing, legislating, and lobbying.  No other state or country in the world has allowed for the expansion of chiropractic practice rights to include a limited authority to prescribe specific medications.  Dr. Perlstein has attained certification by a national credentialing agency and by the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, enabling him to provide these extraordinary injection techniques that are not only effective but exceptionally safe.  Pages that define and describe in detail the various procedures that are performed at this office are found by clicking on the titles under Injection Therapies to the right.  They will help you understand what they are, how they work, and if they can help you.  Currently,  there is limited insurance coverage for these techniques, which we hope will change in the not too distant future.  This is the cutting edge of chiropractic treatment.

These injection techniques are all in contrast to the standard of injection treatment for pain management: cortisone.  The problem with cortisone is that, while it can be quite effective in reducing inflammation and pain for extended periods of time, it is prone to producing damage to the very structures it intends to help.  Cortisone is a steroid and does nothing to enable the body to heal itself.  What is so important to understand the natural injection treatments is that there are virtually no side effects.  Safe, effective, and no side effects…a much healthier alternative to traditional medical intervention.

In order to determine if you are a candidate for natural injection treatment, Dr. Perlstein will take your history and examine the area in question.   He will determine if you would benefit from this treatment and will create a plan for effective recovery from your pain.  He will determine just what substances to use that will be most effective, as well as where to perform the injections and how often to do them.  They are typically performed once every week to two weeks, for between 2-5 sessions depending on the patient’s response, with some patient’s on occasion requiring additional sessions.

When these injection treatments work, they really work, with permanent or near permanent absence of pain a typical response.  It is unusual for a patient to require followup injection sessions.  These injection techniques do not work for everyone, but the vast majority do get significant relief from chronic pain.