My Doctor says Fasting or Detoxing Doesn’t Work

Have you heard, been told or read an article written by a medical doctor or other professional claiming that detoxing or fasting doesn’t work leaving you confused? At the same time you keep seeing advertisements advocating the benefits of a detox or a fast and may know someone who may or may not have claimed better health and wellbeing after a detox. Why then is there this differing of opinions and the increase of doctors denouncing fasting or detoxing as an effective way to release toxins?

A medical doctor is trained in treating the symptoms of disease. The medical doctor is not a health specialist and is not trained in nutrition. Nutrition is given as an elective that he may or may not choose to do and may consist of only two or six weeks of study. The medical doctor is an authority in the administration of drugs to give relief of the symptoms and to diagnose disease. As a student, his training is drug focused and has absolutely nothing to do with wholefood and its relationship to healing and wellness, therefore the idea that the body can and does heal itself goes unnoticed.

For the alternative health professional who believes detoxing of toxic residues in the body to be an important step in regaining health, comes from the understanding that it is not the fasting nor the detox diet which is doing the work, it is the body which does the work. The body already has in place a perfect system of elimination via its organs such as the liver and kidneys which it performs every single minute. However, through over indulgence of toxic foods, medication, drinks, environmental factors and stress can cause a back up of toxics in the blood stream. So vital is the effective functioning of the elementary system in the body as Arthur C. Greyton explains in the Textbook of Medical Physiology, “If your body ceased in its detoxification activities and functions, the human organism could survive no more than one day.”

Every night about 6 hours after the last meal, the body begins to cleanse. The body is designed to cleanse and heal as well as breaks down substances and eliminates during sleep. Your first meal upon rising is called break-fast. Remember the times when you felt unwell before going to bed and upon rising you felt better.

Make no mistake, cancer has been associated many times to toxins which we consume, inhale or are exposed to. Therefore, detoxing or fasting has become important as a natural health approach to help assist the body in its natural function to bring it back into balance. The body is self healing, self repairing, self improving, self regulating, self cleansing and self maintaining and when at rest and or given the right environment, the body repairs and cleanses at a faster rate.

Your body’s unique intelligence system and 10 billion cells are already coded to cleanse, heal and detoxify. There are many approaches which can provide an environment for the body speed up the process – as well as rest, some of these approaches are:
· Eating a diet of only raw fresh organic wholefoods from a few days to several weeks
· Juice fasting from a few days to several weeks
· Green Smoothies – leafy greens can assist the body in elimination of toxins
Utilizing these approaches can also aid in increased energy, lightness and a feeling of well being.
If you feel that your body (your house) needs cleansing (and we innately ‘feel’ this) go by how you feel and check out the options which appeal to you. And while it would be great to attend a detox program, if funds don’t allow this right now, there are many things you can do right from your own home to get started.