Epsom Salts Bath
Bathing in an Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) bath is a pleasant way to cleanse. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin which actually helps to draw toxins and heavy metals from cells, soothes and relaxes muscles, reduces… swelling and has a calming effect.

Epson Salts that is taken internally acts as a detoxifying agent for colon cleansing. Drinking 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts mixed in one litre of water on an empty stomach in the morning will aid in a swift cleansing of the colon. Make sure you only do this when you know you don’t have to go anywhere for the next hour.

Epsom Salts cost very little but be aware of the super cheap types. Some Epsom Salts can contain chemicals you don’t want to have in your body. Epsom Salts that are advertised as 95 -100% pure are usually quite safe. Be generous with how much you place in your warm bath. Add two to four cups of the salts to running water, dim the lights, play soft music and light up a candle to give yourself a treat of relaxation whilst detoxing. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Do not use soap as it will interfere with the action of the salts. You will not need to clean with soap as Epsom salts is a wonderful cleanser for the skin, in fact Epsom salts is one of my favourite facial cleansers and a natural body scrub.

Ginger Detox Bath
Another alternative to a detox bath is to add 1/8 cup of freshly grated ginger to your bath. Ginger is wonderful for detoxing the body, opening the pores of your skin and eliminating toxins.

To enhance the effectiveness of an Epsom salts or ginger detox, make sure you drink 2 glasses of water before and after the bath. You can also gain added benefit by wrapping yourself in a towel after rubbing yourself vigorously and while you are still warm put yourself under the bed covers and try to fall asleep. You will continue to sweat for a good hour or so afterwards which will further release toxins.

Extracted from “How to Detox Without Starving Yourself” www.authenticdiscovery.com.auiSee More