(NaturalNews) Did you know that one half of all the smokers in the world want to  quit right now but don’t know how? What’s worse is that 95 percent of smokers  who quit smoking without some form of help will return to the cancer-causing  habit within six months. These are dismal statistics, and there is more than one  good reason for the massive failure of programs to help smokers quit and stay  smoke-free for life. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of all stop smoking  choices, including acupuncture, hypnosis, “cold turkey,” e-cigs or electronic  cigarettes, Chantix and Zyban medications, scare tactics like commercials,  problems with the patch and nicotine gum, lack of nutrition advice, and finally  organic tobacco as a means of weaning off nicotine.
For a select few,  medications may work, but for most, it’s just another horror story. Scary  synthetic medications can completely block your production of “fight or flight”  chemistry in the body, making minor stressful situations seem unbearable. That  is why suicide is a side effect, as well as horrific nightmares. The brain’s  inability to rationalize stress becomes a hidden danger, hence the horror  stories that are posted about medications like Chantix and Zyban. (http://www.naturalnews.com/033621_Chantix_Zyban.html)
Acupuncture is an alternative “medicine” and healing method that people rave about all over  the world. It works on many levels, including the ability to reduce anxiety: (http://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/treatment/acupuncture)
Hypnosis works for some smokers. It addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of  quitting. This can be very beneficial, especially for ex-smokers who want  continued coaching, so they can remain smoke-free for the long term: (http://ucanquit.reachlocal.com)
Cold turkey,  also known as the method of quitting without weaning one’s self off of nicotine  and the “rituals” involved with smoking, has an astonishing low percentage of  success. Most people who quit cold turkey and really pull it off do so because  of a recent critical, real life health scare, like discovering a tumor or losing  a family member to lung cancer.
The “e-cig” craze has died down, and  though some people use electronic cigarettes to eliminate many of the  chemicals found in commercial cigarettes from their intake, people are figuring  out that the nicotine addiction often continues as “programmed,” and nicotine  still imposes major dangers for the filtering organs, including the liver and  kidneys, which you cannot live without. Research shows that e-cigs were never  intended to help people quit smoking in the first place. (http://www.fda.gov/newsevents/publichealthfocus/ucm172906.htm)
Scary  advertisements don’t work. The CDC uses smokers with holes in their throats  and hair wigs (post-chemo-typical) to try to scare the “death” out of nicotine  addicts, but the CDC already knows scare tactics don’t work, so they continually  use them to perpetuate the billion dollar GMO tobacco industry. That’s right,  just like corn and soy, commercial cigarette tobacco leaves contain pesticide  inside and out, adding to the chaos of the human central nervous system, and  driving “quitters” back to the well for relief from the “cigarette hangover,”  which is another ammonia-laced shot of nicotine. (http://www.naturalnews.com/036175_smoking_addiction_hangover.html)
The  nicotine patch delivers about .9 milligrams of nicotine steadily over the  day. This is nothing at all like the commercial cigarette, which can deliver  over 100mg of nicotine potency in just one cigarette, that’s loaded up with  ammonia vapors, sending the nicotine burst to the heart and brain in just three  seconds! (http://www.puffweb.com)
Nicotine gum delivers  between three and four milligrams of nicotine, again, nothing like a cigarette.  No wonder these alternative methods of cessation fail so miserably. Take a guess  who is selling the pills, patch and gum? Hint: Big Pharma. It’s a vicious cycle  that sends smokers right back to square one.
The comprehensive plan of  14AndOut, a one-hour instructional video which comes with a nutritional  guide, addresses chemical knowledge and the addiction, then covers behavior  modification, such as breathing techniques, hand to mouth habits, and  environment changes, and finally helps the smoker stay away from cancer sticks  forever with what the program calls the “yellow brick road” of nutrition. Also,  organic tobacco is just one of the keys to 14AndOut’s success. The program  recommends smokers turn away completely from commercial cigarettes immediately  upon finishing the 60-minute video presentation, and buy organic tobacco and  “roll your own” organic cigarettes, up to three per day, for the remaining two  weeks. This removes the 4,000 chemicals from the smoking “equation” and allows for some weaning, by removing the shock of the 14 “cold  turkey” days, hence the name 14AndOut.
The breathing ritual should  not end for smokers! Face it, if you smoke a pack a day, you are engaged in a  breathing pattern about 250 times a day that helps you relax. Pretend like you  have a cigarette between your fingers and take a nice long fresh inhale, hold  for a second or two, and exhale. Do this every time you would have puffed a  cigarette, and continue to enjoy your breathing ritual, forever without  chemicals.
The hand to mouth habit should continue also for you,  except without chemicals. Again, if you smokea pack a day, you are engaged in a hand to mouth motion 250 times a day, and if  you smoke two packs a day, that’s 500 times. Go buy some organic raw nuts, some  organic dark chocolate, some organic celery and organic carrots, and some real  spring water, and keep that hand to mouth habit going, every time you would have  taken a puff.

Alkalizing to beat depression and anxiety

If you are a smoker right now,  your moods and your dopamine levels are being artificially controlled by 100mg  of nicotine per cigarette. Your body is “acidified” from the thousands of  toxins. Cigarettes have been “crack” loaded with ammonia-treated nicotine for 50  years. That’s why people who try to quit cold turkey since the 1970s have a much  bigger problem than those who tried to quit and probably succeeded easily in the  1950s or 1960s. You can get your dopamine levels back to normal with the help of  natural foods and herbs  that do not have side effects and are not addicting, whatsoever. You can  alkalize your body with spring water, kale, maca powder and mucuna, a powder  which comes from a velvet bean and is sold all over the world, legally and  inexpensively. The NaturalNews store and PuritansPride.com offer these  solutions instead of the chronic habit of using nicotine as a dangerous factor  for controlling moods. (http://www.puritan.com)

Maca and Mucuna (dopabean) end the cravings

One of the keys to a  successful program called 14AndOut, which has over a 90 percent success rate, is  to rebuild and refortify your system with nutrients, so you are NOT prone to  relapse. A person with the right knowledge of supplements can build immunity and  detoxify their blood and their organs from the damage caused by the 4,000  chemicals they’ve been inhaling with every puff. Yes, you CAN GET THE TAR OUT of  your lungs, no matter how many years you have smoked! You can create and  maintain energy with Superfoods and organic vegetables, especially by juicing.  You can thoroughly enjoy your success, and start a good exercise program again,  knowing you are never going back to smoking. Think of your family and how much  the people around you will celebrate your success. 14AndOut is the most  comprehensive method and is recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDsNb-luG1o)
Break  free from the chains of addiction. Break free from nicotine and the 75 year  commercial cigarette lies and “fix.” Change your life. Tell your friends,  relatives, neighbors and co-workers that the Health Ranger knows a natural  method for quitting smoking in 14 days or fewer and it’s on NaturalNews.  It’s time for the truth. (http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm)
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