How to Detox for Weight Loss, Vitality and Health

Since the awareness that obesity was linked to several diseases and the weight loss craze began, we saw the uprising of low fat foods, weight loss pills and products, weight loss centres, hundreds of diets, and special foods. With all these resources available to us, you would think we would now have a planet full of more thin and disease free people but instead, obesity and disease is increasing. Now we hear promise of better health and weight loss through detoxing with many options to choose from but how will you know which will produce the best results?

Why Detox?

The aim of participating in a detox diet is based around the concept to remove toxins from the body. It appears that as health awareness has increased and we have access to information and studies now available to us of the dangers toxins can cause to the body and their correlation with weight gain and disease. This has resulted in a large market with the result of being engulfed with endless detox diets, programmes, books and products to achieve our desire for better health and to lose weight.

Diseases such as alcoholism, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease all have a common theme. Acidity in the body. The body needs to essentially be slightly alkaline but toxins which have built up over time from chemically laced foods and drinks, medication, vaccinations, the environment, and negative emotions can cause the body to be too acidic. Over 75 years ago, Dr Otto Warburg published a Nobel Prize winning paper describing the environment of the cancer cell which lead to the discovery that disease simply cannot survive in an alkaline body.

Cleansing of heavy metals, parasites and toxins can help reset bring balance and harmony back into the body thus allowing it to perform at its peak to do what it is designed to do, cleanse, heal and purify.


Choosing a Detox Diet

So how do we know what works? How do we know what’s real and genuine? This is a difficult question to answer. There are many very good programs but some are quite expensive to buy and a health retreat may be out of the question for others due to cost and or inability to take time off. What if the very simple solution lies in information about authentic natural approaches such as certain foods and elements that have been around for thousands of years which have been shown in studies to remove or cleanse harmful chemicals more powerfully than others?

The whole concept of having to do a detox diet or program could be as simple as a lifestyle change. The body in its perfect design and intelligence detoxes and cleanses the body continuously. However, through bad diet, chemical cleaning products, medication, chemicals in the environment, the body becomes overwhelmed as it was never designed to take in the amount of toxins most of us are subjected to daily. The body simply wasn’t meant to carry out this enormous task.

Just as our waterways on earth were not meant to ‘deal’ with the pollution we pour into it which should never have been put there in the first place, we too are faced with this very same dilemma within our very own internal waterways and blood stream. And while the body is busy trying to deal with this avalanche of toxins, our natural healing mechanism in the body becomes stressed. Obese people have trouble losing weight due to the toxins being bound by the fat cells and we are more at risk of disease such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Following are four popular detoxes:


Water Fasting

Water fasting is a highly effective detox which consists of drinking only water (preferably distilled water) for anywhere between one day to several weeks. The benefits of water fasting is the intensity of the cleanse to give your internal systems a good washing. This type of detoxing gives the body rest from digesting which in turn allows it to turn to healing.

The down side is many people find this type of detox too rigid. This makes it difficult for people who are working as it is advisable for people who are attempting this to give themselves some time to rest.


Colon Cleansing

It is said that disease begins in the colon. If your colon is infested with toxic, putrefying mess that has been sitting there for some time, you will need to cleanse to allow the assimilation of nutrients. You may want to cleanse by drinking 1 litre of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of celtic sea salt every morning on an empty stomach. This will assist in a good internal cleanse.


Raw Food Detox

Simply eating fresh organic whole plant foods for a period of time is a great detox. Many people have found that they lose weight quickly and easily and the longer they do the detox, some health problems have also turned around. This detox can be done from 7 days to a whole year with some people staying on it for their whole lives.


Fresh Juicing Detox

A juicing detox can be performed from one day to several weeks and has amazing benefits to weight loss and good health. Juicing removes the fibre and allows the quick absorption of nutrients into the tissues and cells. This will also increase energy and wellbeing quite quickly.

All of these fasts or detoxes can help you lose weight (quickly) and move you towards better health. But if you return to eating the same foods while not making changes to your diet, the weight will return and the body will revert back to the overwhelm it was in before.

What if by simply changing one simple detox idea every day could make a profound difference in your weight and health? For more information on How to Detox (without starving yourself) which has an abundance of simple approaches, please visit my book store.